Password Saver The secure solution for storing all your passwords.


Password Saver stores each password database in a single, compressed file. This gives you great flexibility - you can store and access your passwords from hard drives, USB flash disks, floppy disks, CD-RW disks, ZIP drives, or any other type of fixed or removable media. Take your passwords with you wherever you go!

Portability Scheme

Other advantages of the single database per-file scheme include:

  • Ease of transfer - it is a breeze to upload, download, or copy and paste entire databases to other computers.
  • Simple back-up - for back-up, simply copy the file that contains your data, paste it to a safe place, and rename the file as an archive - what could be easier!
  • Portability - you can store your database files on any desktop or server platform.

Key Features

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Password Saver