Password Saver The secure solution for storing all your passwords.

Export/Import and Password Sharing

Password Saver provides advanced import/export functionality for corporate users and small to mid-size teams. You can share folders with co-workers and partners, or export your entire database to a text file.

Password Sharing

For example, let's say you're collaborating with a co-worker on a project and you would like to transfer the passwords for this project to her. Password Saver lets you export the folder to a Password Saver (.pss) encrypted file locked with a password of your choice, which you can send to her by e-mail.

After calling her and telling her the password to unlock the file, she can import it easily into her Password Saver database. The folder and all its contents are appended to her existing database, and appear in her tree menu exactly as they did on yours! This advanced import functionality makes sharing and distributing passwords easy and secure.

Key Features

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Password Saver